Ann Marie

Thesis: Influence


Thesis Part 02: Influence  

Our society has influenced the younger generation to prioritize wealth, perfection, and unobtainable success above faith, family, and friends. Technology has played a huge role in this swap of values by consuming our everyday with social media and entertainment. This has taken the average individual away from the present moment and into the world of unrealistic standards of perfection as if it were real. This leaves people struggling with confidence, gratitude, and faith. 

Through interviewing people on what disrupts their connectivity to these values, a set of quotes show just how people are prioritizing and incorporating faith, family, and friends into their lives. From personal interviews and quotes, abstract paintings were created as representations of the collected content. In addition, a flat lay photograph of objects for each person helps to keep them close to these values. 

The final result features artifacts that are displayed on a small scale in order to allow the viewer to appreciate their personal and intimate meanings.